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darkstars ep

by sun*load

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JH the guitars take on the best of ambient alt rock playing from the 90s and brings it to the future.
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My Fallen Twin In half light, half human The changing, angel fallen… Cry to the rooftops High like Mary Carry the stolen crown I see the future you… You look like me, and sound like me too. But lost is the imaginary Boundary of sanity From helpless, too human Wings of useless silence Unspoken words unbroken Listening closely to… What's that your praying to? Gods of your vanity I see the future you… your heavy wings, my fallen twin Or is it just illusionary hope in the form of a curse Cry to the rooftops! Drown in raindrops Opening, wings of lead Falling graceless, human and faceless Mute and weary silence I see the future you… your heavy wings, my fallen twin Or is it just illusionary hope in the… form of a curse… keep silent, it only gets… Now tell the others of eyes staring Into blindness, Wrapped in our hollow glory… Now turned to dust from flames and rust and borders and orders crushed (you turn around) Through time's momentum all that changes is the angel's shadow
Flying to rhythm's time… Turning to day to night to day… Elsewhere to face to face… Turning from day to night today… never present in moonlight's glare Silver feather let's trade the light In waking dreams we meet… Eyes of the streetlights halo footsteps penance In godless times you saw… Choices in your veins collide Cat stole your tongue this way down? Chances with wings already gone? In godless times you saw… Ghost of white horse's dream what we need Into grey fog we saw… Parallel delusions more than You imagine: A Flash of the real… imaginary crossing David's divide Jones-ing for a day when a ripple became a wave To free the body's mind Uncork the thin white lie You know with the Bowie knife… You said it's more than you… Second skin fiction of thought stopped in time With the gods pantomime… Face of the vulgar and the Sublime… …Thin white horses carried away on backs of black doves
Step away from the perilous ledge Walk on the moon, check your sanity soon… Wait till you turn on the switch to live Elvis Presley's gonna twitch to this 'Cause the mirrors are all pointed at you Back to frontal reflecting mistrust So go ahead you freak and try on the lipstick Crack the vial, fake your death a mystic Canyon… steel frame Stolen… ice age It's all a madness, scurrying from our own shadows I know… It's what we’re here for So take a sip, the hit sit back enjoy purgatory… It's all a madness Hiding from our own shadows I know… Fading light through flecks of ice Young madness test Mortality spin… …Feasting on strobe light moon engines swoon coaxing care through cigarette's glowing despair… Oasis… absurdness Just like I said, it’s the madness of youth! Grab for the stars on the basement walls tape hiss, play the zipper of truth Undo the dress press the salt on the wound! Light spreads over cruel geography Cave man city dwellers' runes Infinity you think your ghost's forever But you'll die just as soon as see she's you She sees you…
Do you know, no it's never done Would you know, no it's not the end? Could you know, no it's not my friend? Goodbye high… Goodbye higher gods to give You spoiled the sweet breath Spiked with death… Can't stay here This day closes soon History… cause and effect of losses shadows Know it all… Caressed it all You smashed it all you missed it all No don't know the way back to sticks and stones and ghosts Goodbye high Crushed hail, disdain rain Will flood the grains of sand Yes, in spite of all you never had Dust it off, caress it off Take it off, curse it off All the times I felt the searing eyes of days and nights Yes, your angel's eye Can you melt the coldest spark of your ghostly hands and heart Caress the day, bless the day In yesterday… Swear away No, don't know the way back to… Sticks and stones and ghosts disdain rain Flood the sand, turn back and run Searing ice and sun Ghostly hands and heart Disappear in air…


released October 20, 2017

Vocals plus Guitar on 'Infinite Youth': Jh0st: soundcloud.com/jh0st
Instrumentation: COMET17


all rights reserved



sunload Sterling, Virginia

Vocals by Jh0st: soundcloud.com/jh0st

Instruments by Comet 17

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